About us




We offer health care for all animals, from hamsters to elephants, from budgies to rhinos and from chameleons to St Bernards. The list is endless. The advantage of a large professional component is that each person brings an interest or speciality.

Our Main Hospital in town has all the necessary modern equipment and facilities to cater for all companion animals, including birds and exotics. Richmond Clinic is central to an important farming community and our clinic near Cascades services our suburban clientele.

At our Townbush Clinic in Cascades we also host a grooming facility, Wagg 'n Tails.

We have also developed a Research and Development arm to our practice, also centered at Town Bush clinic. Here, we have built a laboratory through which we conduct research into various remedies.

We are also proud to introduce our welfare arm, Paws for a Cause. It is a sad fact that there is insufficient State assistance for animal health and organised welfare organisations are often under-resourced. As we are committed to helping all animals, we have established an internal arrangement to help those poor creatures who do not have the privilege of an owner who can afford Veterinary care.