Main Hospital

Veterinary House Hospital, at 339 Prince Alfred Street, is situated within the city of Pietermaritzburg, near St Anne’s Hospital and Merchiston Primary School. The hospital is open for consultations from 7:30am until 5:45pm, consulting throughout the day. We are proud to claim a 24 hour emergency service operating 365 days of the year for when any animal is in need of emergency medical treatment.

The Hospital comprises an experienced team of veterinarians, nurses and staff. We have two general wards as well as an isolation ward for animals with contagious diseases. We have advanced diagnostic machines including ultrasound, digital xrays and an in-house laboratory.  We are able to perform sterilisations, dentals, routine surgeries, orthopaedics, advanced soft tissue surgeries, advanced ophthalmologic (eye) procedures and even provide innovative veterinary care for birds and exotics. Our veterinary nurses provide in-hospital treatment and the loving post-operative care required to help your cherished pet make a full recovery.  The front shop is fully stocked with a range of foods and accessories, providing your loved ones with optimum nutrition and stylish attire.

House calls can be arranged for vaccinations, check-ups and for peaceful home euthenasias. Our large animal veterinarians are kept busy on farms treating horses, cattle, pigs, sheep and goats. Game capture completes our diverse field of expertise. The Vet House Team continuously strives to provide better service for our clients, and better care for our patients.

Townbush Clinic

Townbush Clinic, situated in Montrose, near Cascades and Greys Hospital, services our suburban clientele. We provide general consultations, routine surgery, dentals, sterilisations, lumpectomies and other soft tissue surgeries. Our focus is on providing quality primary health care and also to serve as an extension of our Main Hospital. House calls can be arranged for vaccinations, check-ups and for peaceful home euthenasias. 

Our shop is stocked with a wide selection of top quality pet foods including Hills, Eukanuba, Royal Canin, Acana, Vets Choice, Ultra Dog and others. Be sure to check out our wide selection of accessories to keep your four legged companion always one step ahead in the fashion department.

Wagg n Tails, a bustling grooming parlour, conveniently situated on our doorstep. Stressed or anxious pets can be sedated at our Clinic and enjoy a peaceful grooming. The high quality of service provided by Wagg n Tails ensures your pets are turning heads with their glossy and dazzling coats.

A daily Nurses Clinic runs from 13:30-14:30 weekdays, providing free nail clips and dental check-ups, weight management advice, senior patient care and general Q&A sessions with your pets. Puppy classes are on Tuesdays between 9:00 and 10:00.

We are proud of our “Canine Blood Bank”, a novel feature run by Sr Robyn Milne, providing fresh blood and frozen plasma to Veterinary practices across the province. 

Richmond Clinic

Richmond Clinic is nestled within the scenic town of Richmond, half an hour outside Pietermaritzburg. We provide general consultations, sterilisations, selected routine surgeries and knowledgeable health care advice. House calls can be arranged. We support a large community of commercial stock farmers as well as subsistence agriculturalists who rely on our Primary Animal Health Care counsel and treatment for their livestock. Local township dogs with loving owners receive quality health care and affection through support from our in-house welfare program, Paws for a Cause. 

Victoria Road Shop

Our shop at Victoria Shopping Centre on Victoria Rd is conveniently situated next to Pick n Pay and is stocked with an assortment of quality pet foods, accessories and treats. Please feel free to pop in and pay us a visit.