We offer health care for all animals, from hamsters to elephants, from budgies to rhinos and from chameleons to St Bernards. The list is endless. The advantage of a large professional component is that each person brings an interest or speciality.

Our Main Hospital in Pietermartzburg has all the necessary modern equipment and facilities to cater for all companion animals, including birds and exotics.

Umgeni Veterinary Clinic is situated in the heart of Hilton and cares for the growing population of this iconic Midlands town.

Townbush Veterinary Clinic sits in the valley of Montrose, near Cascades Shopping Centre, and has seen a huge growth in the suburban population of those people and pets choosing a balance of city and country life.

Richmond Veterinary Clinic and Dalton Veterinary Clinic are central to the two respectively important farming communities.

We also have the following grooming facilities

Umgeni Veterinary Clinic
Doggone Cleaners
082 552 0422

Townbush Veterinary Clinic
Wagg ‘n Tails
072 618 0662